Hints and Tips


The extensive network of chair lifts and gondolas in the Portes du Soleil area means that very large distances can be covered very quickly. We recommend you take the following equipment with you so you don’t get stranded miles from civilisation!

Packing Your Bike

To avoid disappointment before you even get to ride your bike, ensure you pack it properly to prevent any damage. Here are some basic tips to get your bike there in one piece.


The above illustration demonstrates one method of packing a bike box. If using a bike bag it is generally recommended to pack the bike upside down with the saddle fitted and the bars removed. This way the delicate parts such as fork dropouts, mech and hanger, and chainset will be less susceptible to damage when the bag is dropped. Ensure to follow any guidelines set out by your chosen airline company.  

Note- The above is offered as a guide only. Ride-On does not accept any responsibility for bikes damaged during transit.  



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