Q. Do I have to book my own flights?

A. Yes you will have to make your own arrangements for getting to Geneva Airport. We will make every effort to accommodate you on your chosen dates but please call us to check room/hotel availability before booking your flights. Popular choices of airline companies have been Easyjet, British Airways, and Swiss Air.

Q. Can I take my bike on the plane?

A. Yes, most airline companies allow bikes to be taken as hold baggage but you may have to book your bike onto the flight, and weight restrictions do apply. Please check with your chosen airline company. We advise that you put your bike in a cardboard box, or specific bike bag. Please see our hints and tips section for advice on how to pack your bike to avoid damage during transit.

Q. Do I need my own bike?

A.  No you do not necessarily need your own bike. Ride-On Tours provide good quality hire bikes that are suitable for all abilities. We do recommend that you bring your own bike that you are familiar with as it will inspire greater confidence on the trails.

Q. Do I need a full suspension bike?

A. No you do not need a full suspension bike. You will definitely need front suspension but you can have just as much fun on a hardtail bike. Ride-On Tours provide hire and demo bikes so if you wish to try out full suspension it can definitely be arranged.

Q. Do I need disc brakes?

A. No you do not need disc brakes although we highly recommend them. The increased reliability and stopping power of disc brakes will increase your confidence and make your holiday far more enjoyable. Some of the descents are steep and so disc brakes are recommended just from a safety point of view.

Q. Do I have to be of a certain riding ability?

A. There is a variety of tracks to suit any riding ability, from gentle fire-roads to world cup downhill. Competent riders will be able to ride most tracks, and in general difficulty increases with speed. What we can guarantee is that your ability level will have increased by the end of your holiday, unless you spend too much time in the bar!

Q. Will my bike be safe in the evenings?

A. Yes, bikes can be brought into the hotel overnight. It is the responsibility of the rider to ensure that his/her bike is brought inside, and is in a relatively clean condition.

Q. Do I need travel insurance?

A. Yes, you definitely need enough travel insurance to cover yourself against personal injury and loss of property, including your bike. We also recommend you obtain an E111 card from the Post Office. This will entitle you to emergency healthcare if you are injured but does not cover 100% of the cost, so adequate travel insurance is required. Many of our guests use Snowcard/Avtivcard www.snowcard.co.uk

Q. Do I need to know a foreign language?

A. No, although it will help when out and about. The Boomerang Hotel is owned by and employs English speaking staff.

Q. Are guides available?

A. Yes, Ride-On Tours and Le Boomerang can facilitate in providing qualified local guides (for a very reasonable charge) to take you out riding. If you just need to find the tracks, you are sure to meet someone in the friendly atmosphere of the bar who is willing to let you ‘tag along’ for a day or two.

Q. What is the weather like?

A. As Les Gets is in the mountains, you should expect changeable conditions. Usually the weather is sunny though, and you will be very unlucky to have more than a day or two of rain during your stay. We advise to bring clothing for wet and dry riding conditions.

Q. I am thinking of bringing my family along, are there other things to do than riding?

A. Yes, Les Gets is traditionally a family resort. There are lots of activities going on to keep children occupied. Please see the location page of our site for examples of activities.   





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